Wobbly Art 3

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This is a first edition of The Bloodstained Trail   by Ed. Delaney and M.T. Rice, published by The Industrial Worker   (official Western organ of the I.W.W.), Seattle, December, 1927. It is one of the rarest of the old-time Wobbly publications.  A copy, very carefully kept in the old roll-top desk in the Seattle I.W.W. hall, was shown me in January, 1955 [I was 20 years old] by veteran Wobbly mentors of mine, C.E. Payne and O.N. Peterson.  I was fortunate in securing this copy, many years later, at Vancouver, B.C. and it is part of my large collection of I.W.W. and Mine-Mill and other radical labor publications and related materials.  -- Hunter Gray [Hunterbear]