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This appeared in the socialist journal, Against The Current, and it brought a good deal of  favourable comment from a number of people around the  country.  And now, some years after its appearance, it's as timely as ever.

This printed version of my short essay does contain a printer's  (and proofer's) error.

With respect to Paragraph 3, Lines 5 and 6, the printed version reads,

". . .some of the most sanctimonious proponents   of racist and sexist speech in university settings. . ."

should have been:

". . .some of the most sanctimonious proponents of  SUPPRESSION [caps for emphasis here only]   of racist and sexist speech . . ."

My context, of course, is explicitly clear and (with the exception of the excellent Against The Current's proofreader), every one of the many readers known to me knew exactly what I meant.  Against the Current,[in which content is consistently rich and  typos very rare],  is one of the finest socialist magazines ever -- and I vigorously endorse and commend it.  [HG/JRS]