Our Children Were Born Into Struggle


All of our kids -- Maria [born at Jackson in 1962], John [born at Raleigh in 1965], Peter [born at Chicago in 1969], and Josie [born at Gallup in 1979] -- entered the World In Struggle.  The same holds for some grandchildren.


tougalookids.jpg (304904 bytes)

Tougaloo College, Mississippi, December 1962:  Maria is held by Karin Kunstler, with Lois Chaffee.  Karin, from New York, was a student at Tougaloo and Lois, from Idaho, taught English at the college.  Both were extremely active in the Movement.  This photo was taken at just about the time Eldri and I were jailed in Jackson for picketing.




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Raleigh, North Carolina,  ca. 1966:  John and neighborhood friends -- Ricky Arrington and Michael Hall -- around the time about 15,000 members of the United Klans of America, many armed, marched through Raleigh for a huge rally at the Civic Center.

We lived in an all-Black housing addition -- Biltmore Hills. I bought our home with my GI vet's loan when I set up our SCEF office.  The address was 828 Newcombe Road -- and our neighbors, always well armed, watched out for Eldri and offspring when I was gone -- organizing -- for long periods of time.