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From the Conference floor: lively questions, discussion.


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Miss Ella J. Baker, Conference key-note speaker,  visits with Buddy (Joseph) and Ginny Tieger.  The Tiegers were completely dedicated, long-term   Northern volunteers.  Miss Baker had grown up in Halifax County, was valedictorian at  Shaw University  (a leading Black college) at Raleigh, and went on to hold many important national human rights posts:  among them, Director of Branches of the NAACP and Executive Director of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference.  In 1960, she had been primary organizer of the Student Non-Violent Coordinating Committee and continued to serve as its principal Advisor.   She was Special Consultant to SCEF and a very dear personal friend.

Buddy, now in San Francisco, has visited us in Idaho.


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Nigel S. Hampton, key staffer for the International Chemical Workers Union, and an excellent friend always.   A native of Birmingham and a long-time civil rights proponent, Nigel was a gifted writer who eventually became a university professor in Michigan. He and I certainly continue to keep in contact -- right into the 21st Century.